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who we are

Creative Wellness was established in 2007 as a nursing agency focusing on terminal care. 

With the pressure of the Medical Aid funders to minimize hospital stay, coupled with the wish of especially the terminally ill to spend as much time as possible at home with their loved ones, Creative Wellness has evolved in care specialists, providing patients with the best possible solutions for their comfort and care. 

Care is offered in any environment that fits the need of the patient, being that in a house, flat, retirement village, hospital, or any other place the patient is in at any given time.

Creative Wellness has established itself as a reputable home care specialist, spreading the areas of service over a large part of the Western Cape, Bloemfontein and also now growing its services in other some cities and geographical areas in South Africa. It is our goal to bring the services to all patients in need of care.

We welcome enquiries from service providers who would be interested in joining our team.


Our Company

We are here to care for you

As someone who has worked in the industry for several years, I often see that it is not only the patient we care for, but also the family of that person whose burden must be lightened. It is our duty to make life easier for everyone! So you can spend more time with the ones you love without having to worry about medical care.

I firmly believe that every patient we care for should feel loved, understood, and respected.

Petra Fördelmann

Founder, CEO of Creative Wellness

terminal care specialist Petra Fordelmann

we are different than the rest

Education & Inclusive care

The uniqueness of the agency lies firstly in the continued education of employees in an upskilling program to ensure best quality care at all times. Education and support is an essential part of what we do.

Secondly, the liaison with the team involved with the client and the family, ensures inclusive intradisciplinary care of each patient. The team involves all team members associated with the patient’s disease management which includes the physicians, nurses, councilors and other health care professionals and the funders. Creative Wellness has become an integral part of the palliative care platform rendering care in South Africa.
Creative Wellness is a registered nursing agency will health care funders.